Vi er ikke med!

Må bare si at Team Extreme ikke stiller i FLL i år! :(

tirsdag 6. oktober 2009

Team information (English)

Hello friends over the world!
Team Extreme is very busy with the robot mission and the teori in these days.
We are meeting after school and in the weekends to do us ready for the competition.
Team Extreme will visit some achievements and do some interviews next week.
Looking forward to meet some interesting people who know things about transportation, safety and environment.

Hopefully will we get ready before the 7 th. of November....... Of course we will!!
We are also looking forward to meet the other teams in the competition in Gjøvik, Norway. Specially to see what they have done with "Smart Move" and the challenges.
See you;-)

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2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Jeg liker siden deres!!

Team Extreme sa...

Tusen takk!

//Team Extreme